First Residency!

Last night I came to Port Orchard for a residency at my good friend Sarah’s farm, Orchard Botanicals. Sarah is a really wonderful human - in addition to being an ecologist, teamaker, and author, she’s also an avid supporter of local music and women-made works.  She and I got to know each other over the summer for a slew of reasons, but the residency happened because she has this sweet farmhouse apartment that she designed and built, and in that apartment lives a great grand piano. I was on the property in July, one conversation about the piano led to another conversation about the Black Out Diary, and she invited me to come out sometime this year to do some composing. So, here I am. I’m really excited for the opportunity to a) get out of the city, b) focus solely on this project, and c) spend time in this beautifully curated space and brainstorm ways to get more composers here in the future.

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